March 2010

St. Patrick's Day lineup, Crow optioned

The Royals host San Diego today in a 3:05 Central/1:05 Arizona start.  Today’s game will be on 610 Sports in Kansas City.  Prospect Aaron Crow was optioned to Double-A NW Arkansas this morning.  The Royals now have 48 players in Major League camp.  Here’s your Kansas City lineup:

(Podsednik – CF), (Callaspo – 3B), (DeJesus – RF), (Butler – 1B), (Fields – DH), (Maier – LF), (Betemit – SS), (Kendall – C), (Getz – 2B), (Hochevar – P).  Weather report – 81 and perfect!


Morning game after night game!

The Royals and Rangers are playing a B-game this morning at 9:30 Arizona time (11:30 K.C.).  If you’re in Surprise, check it out.  Several regulars are in the lineup:

(Podsednik – LF), (Betemit – SS), (DeJesus – CF), (Butler – 1B), (Fields – 3B), (Aviles – 2B), (Pena – C), (Falu – RF), (Getz – DH), (Hernandez – P)


Tuesday lineups: Royals host Brewers

Zack Greinke limited Chicago to 1 run over 4.0 IP while Yuniesky Betancourt and David DeJesus each went 3-for-3 as the Royals won 9-1 on Monday.  Today, the Royals are back in Surprise to host Milwaukee.  The 3:05 Central start can be heard on 610 Sports in Kansas City and on MLB Gameday Audio.  Let’s take a look at the lineups:

Brewers:  (Gomez – CF), (Escobar – SS), (Gerut – RF), (Fielder – 1B), (McGehee -3B), (Kottaras – DH), (Stern – LF), (Treanor – C), (Inglett – 2B), (Narveson – LHP)

Royals: (Bloomquist – 2B), (Kendall – C), (Callaspo – 3B), (Thorman – DH), (Guillen – RF), (Ka’aihue – 1B), (Maier – LF), (Betancourt – SS), (Anderson – CF), (Meche – P) 

Royals and 610 Sports Radio add three Spring Training broadcasts

The Kansas City Royals and 610 Sports Radio today announced three additional radio broadcasts for 2010 Spring Training:

Friday, March 19 at Arizona (3:05 p.m. CDT)

Thursday, March 25 vs. Seattle (3:05 p.m. CDT)

Saturday, March 27 vs. Oakland (3:05 p.m. CDT)

The Royals and Entercom-Kansas City will announce one additional spring broadcast in the coming days.  All Spring Training contests will be webcast on, including the games not on 610 Sports Radio.

Monday lineup: Royals at White Sox

Here’s your lineup for tonight’s game (9:05 Central), which will be televised on MLB Network and broadcast on 610 Sports in Kansas City:

(Podsednik – CF), (Kendall – C), (DeJesus – LF), (Butler – 1B), (Guillen – DH), (Maier – RF), (Fields – 3B), (Betancourt – SS), (Getz – 2B), (Greinke – P)


Greinke, Royals vs. White Sox on MLB Network tonight

Tonight’s game in Glendale against the White Sox (9:05 Central) will air live on MLB Network.  (Click here and enter your zip code to find MLB Network in your area.) 

The pitching matchup is a great one – Zack Greinke against Mark Buehrle.  Kansas City will also appear on MLB Network on March 21 (9:00 p.m. Central, tape-delayed) and March 26 (8:00 p.m. Central, tape-delayed).


Photos: Final piece placed on 'KC' logo

Around the Horn captured the following photos as workers from Star Signs of Lawrence put the finishing touches on the ‘KC’ logo at Kauffman Stadium.  Later this week, workers from A. Zahner Company are scheduled to begin work on the back of the crown. 

KC Logo 3-15-10 001.jpg

KC Logo 3-15-10 008.jpg
KC Logo 3-15-10 009.jpg









KC Logo 3-15-10 015.jpg
KC Logo 3-15-10 021.jpg

KC Logo 3-15-10 028.jpg

An adventure in Tempe

Editor’s note – This entry is by Dave Holtzman, Director of Media Relations for the Royals.  Follow ‘Holtzy’ on Twitter, ( @HoltzyRoyals ) where he has regular insight on the Royals and the occasional post about his alma mater’s basketball team (clue – Dave’s dog is named Naismith).


This blog is not really baseball related, but hang with me.  I think it’s an entertaining story nonetheless.


I dropped my family off at the airport this morning (one of the worst feelings in the world is walking away from my wife and 2-year old son as they get into that security line), looked at my phone and realized it was just 8 a.m.  Now for those unfamiliar with Phoenix, the airport is only about a five minute drive from Phoenix Municipal Stadium, where the Royals will take on the A’s this afternoon at 3:05 p.m. KC time.  Surprise, on the other hand, is about 45 minutes from the airport (in the opposite direction from Phoenix Muni).  So, I had about two or so hours to kill around the Phoenix/Tempe area.


I decided to drive over to downtown Tempe and the Mill Avenue District.  This is a great area right next to the Arizona State campus with restaurants, bars, shops, etc.  Kind of reminds me of wonderful Mass Street in Lawrence, Kan. (Rock chalk!).  After a donut and some decaf coffee, I still had an hour and a half until I needed to be at the ballpark. 


I wandered toward the ASU campus and Sun Devil Stadium, but a large mountain caught my eye.  Those familiar with football invariably has seen this mountain in many aerial shots of Sun Devil Stadium over the years.  I walked up to the base of the mountain and read the sign:


Hayden Butte Preserve
Leonard Monti Trail
Summit 1495′


Something to think about here: I was dressed in work attire.  We are a bit more casual in Spring Training, but not too much.  I had on khaki pants, a black, Royals polo and, thankfully, tennis shoes.  Without the tennis shoes, I wouldn’t even have considered the hike.


So, I began up the dirt and rock trail.  Once I reached a point about two-thirds up, the incline greatly increased and I realized I couldn’t go any further without breaking a serious sweat and stinking up the entire press box the rest of the day.  At this point, I took some photos which you can see here:


IMAGE_034.jpg – A look up at the summit of the mountain with a large “A” in gold and maroon in support of the Sun Devils.







IMAGE_035.jpg– The trail map sign showing where I started from (the circle on the bottom of the photo in the center) and where my climb ended (the big “you are here” arrow).  I am not really sure what those two large circular buildings were to the right on the trail map.



– You get two-thirds of the way up the mountain before they have this nice informational sign about snakes.  If it were me, I might put this sign at the trailhead so people deathly afraid of snakes can make the decision to walk the trail or not.







– Here’s a shot of a cactus right off the trail.  If you use your imagination a bit, the cactus seems to be in the shape of a “KC”.  Or perhaps a “KU”, if you’re so inclined.







– (Left) The view of downtown Tempe and Mill Avenue looking to the south and west







– (Right) The view of a portion of the Arizona State campus, looking to the south








–  And finally, here’s a shot I took looking at the sunrise.  Nice, huh?  (Just kidding!  That’s a file photo from my phone!)






After the hike, I drove to Phoenix Muni and am now settled in for the game.  Kyle Davies is scheduled to take the mound for the Boys in Blue, who are now 5-3-1 this spring after yesterday’s 12-3 win over the Angels, who, coincidentally, train in Tempe.


Matsui-mania in Surprise

12_001.jpgWhile a crowd of 7,317 enjoyed a 12-3 Kansas City win and a beautiful afternoon on Saturday, there was another storyline.  The Royals saw a familiar face in a new uniform.  2009 World Series MVP Hideki Matsui is now an Angel after seven seasons in Yankee pinstripes.

Cactus League regulars are getting their first look at Matsui this spring.  He is popular with fans and his presence brings a contingent of Japanese media members on a daily basis.  Matsui finished 0-for-3, however, he made fans by signing autographs before the game.  The photos below show Matsui grounding out in the first inning.  Photographers later captured pictures of Matsui in the dugout.  











Sunday lineup: Royals at Athletics

The Royals play at Phoenix Municipal Stadium today.  Arizona remains on standard time, so the start time is 3:05 in Kansas City and 1:05 in Phoenix.  If you’re at the game, take a look at prospect Jarrod Dyson, who is in the lineup today.  Dyson’s speed is making an impression in his first Major League camp. He was recently honored with the Willie Wilson Baserunner of the Year Award.

Steve Stewart will call the action on today’s webcast

Here’s Trey Hillman’s lineup: (Podsednik – LF), (Callaspo – 3B), (DeJesus – RF), (Butler – DH), (Ka’aihue – 1B), (Pena – C), (Aviles – 2B), (Betancourt – SS), (Dyson – CF), (Davies – P)



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