March 2010

Wednesday lineups: Let's play two!

The Royals have two games today – a 3:05 Central matinee in Tempe against the Angels and an evening game in Surprise (8:05 Central) vs. San Francisco.  The nightcap is a makeup of a March 7 rainout.  610 Sports in Kansas City will broadcast the Royals/Angels game.  Tonight’s game will be a webcast on

Here are your Kansas City lineups: 

Game 1 at Angels (3:05 Central): (Podsednik – LF), (Kendall – C), (Anderson – RF), (Butler – 1B), (Callaspo – 3B), (Maier – CF), (Clint Robinson – DH), (Betancourt – SS), (Getz – 2B), (Bannister – P)

Game 2 vs. Giants (8:05 Central): (Bloomquist – CF), (Falu – 2B), (DeJesus – RF), (Ka’aihue- DH), (Fields – 3B), (Betemit – 1B), (Betancourt – SS), (Thorman – LF), (Wilson – C), (Farnsworth – P)

Today's Royals-Cubs game is on FSKC

Kansas City hosts the Cubs today at 3:05 Central.  The game will air on Fox Sports Kansas City at 3:00 Central and again at 8:00.  Today’s game will also air on MLB Network at 3:00 for fans in the Chicago area.

Here’s your Kansas City lineup:

(Getz – 2B), (Podsednik – LF), (Callaspo – 3B), (Butler – 1B), (Guillen – RF), (Kendall – DH), (Pena – C), (Betancourt – SS), (Anderson – CF), (Hochevar – P)



Kauffman Stadium photos: Last of the snow?

We’re two weeks from Opening Day!  The tarp at Kauffman Stadium was inflated by a compressor to help expedite the snow removal.  Let’s take a look as the grounds crew and stadium services team pulled the tarp.

tarp 1.jpg
tarp 5.jpg









tarp 7.jpg
tarp 10.jpg

Sunday lineup; game to air on MLB Network (tape-delayed)

Kansas City hosts Colorado today at 3:05 CT.  The game will air on MLB Network tonight at 10:00 CT.  Click the link to find MLB Network in your area.

Here’s the lineup:  (Podsednik – LF), (Getz – 2B), (DeJesus – RF), (Butler – 1B), (Callaspo – 3B), (Fields – DH), (Anderson – CF), (Wilson – C), (Betancourt – SS), (Hernandez – P)



Saturday split-squad lineups

The Royals will field split-squads against the Brewers and Cubs today, both 3:05 Central starts.  The game in Mesa against the Cubs will be webcast on

Here are your lineups:

at Brewers: (Podsednik – CF), (Callaspo – 3B), (Pena – C), (Guillen – RF), (Ka’aihue – 1B), (Aviles – 2B), (Betancourt – SS), (Lucas – LF), (Davies – P)

at Cubs: (Bloomquist – LF), (Kendall – C), (DeJesus – RF), (Butler – 1B), (Thorman – 3B), (Maier – CF), (Betemit – SS), (Getz – 2B), (Osuna – P)




Friday lineup: Last trip to Tucson

The Diamondbacks and Rockies are both moving to the Phoenix area for Spring Training in 2011, making today Kansas City’s last trek to Tucson for the forseeable future.  The game against Arizona (3:05 start) will be on 610 Sports in Kansas City.  This broadcast was added once the first weekend of NCAA play was finalized.  Here’s your Kansas City lineup:

(Bloomquist – CF), (Aviles – 2B), (Ka’aihue – 1B), (Fields – 3B), (Maier – LF), (Anderson – RF), (Wilson – C), (Betancourt – SS), (Bannister – P)



Photos: Kauffman Stadium Crown

Crown 1.jpgWe take a look as the third major piece goes into place…as you can tell by the photos, this is not a job for someone who is scared of heights!Crown 2.jpg










Crown 3.jpg




Crown 4.jpg



Crown 5.jpg



Crown 6.jpg

Crown 7.jpg



Crown 8.jpg

Crown 9.jpg

Photos: Crowning Moment

Crown 3-18 1.jpg
Crown 3-18 2.jpg
Crown 3-18 3.jpg
Crown 3-18 4.jpg
Crown 3-18 5.jpg
Crown 3-18 6.jpgAround the Horn was on hand this morning as a crew from Kansas City-based A. Zahner Company began work on the back of the Kauffman Stadium crown.  Three major pieces were scheduled to go in place today.  These pictures show the first piece being hoisted.  We’re going to snap a few more photos, which we’ll post later this afternoon.

Photos: Green Day

12 008.jpg
Trey St. Patrick's.jpg
St. Patrick's 6.jpg
St. Patrick's 3.jpg
St. Patrick's 2.jpg
St. Patrick's 1.jpg

12 010.jpg

Photo: Royals to sport green hats today!

The Boys in Blue are going green for a day…here’s the hat that K.C. will wear in their game vs. San Diego.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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