Photos: Final piece placed on 'KC' logo

Around the Horn captured the following photos as workers from Star Signs of Lawrence put the finishing touches on the ‘KC’ logo at Kauffman Stadium.  Later this week, workers from A. Zahner Company are scheduled to begin work on the back of the crown. 

KC Logo 3-15-10 001.jpg

KC Logo 3-15-10 008.jpg
KC Logo 3-15-10 009.jpg









KC Logo 3-15-10 015.jpg
KC Logo 3-15-10 021.jpg

KC Logo 3-15-10 028.jpg


Still don’t like it… All of the original renderings of the renovations showed the blue back with white “KC” on it like the original. This just doesn’t catch your attention like the old one did.

I don’t either. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good. I understand that the back has to have the angled, vented corners to cool the screen, but I have no Idea why it cannot be blue. Being blue instead of white would greatly reduce the appearance of all of the ugly seams on the flat part and the vents on the side.

However, I don’t think they can make it blue. That probably would have had to be done before they assembled it. Somebody goofed.

I’m sure the background has to be of a light color to help keep the high tech elements inside cool. Our old scoreboard was relatively low tech so a blue background was OK. However a dark, or even medium, blue would retain heat from the Sun, so is likely NOT an option for the back or our new high Tech video board. The light silver with a Blue KC is just fine. No it’s not the same, but it’s still good and likely the best option possible. I’m think David and Dan Glass did the best they could to restore the old look on a much more modern piece of equipment. Congratulations guys, it looks great!

Over on the Royals Facebook page, they are blaming it on these “vents” that cannot be painted, not the color being “too dark”. They didn’t directly say it, but it sounds like they are alluding to a possible “goof” on SOMEONES part when the thing was designed… Like, the panels should have been BLUE from the word go.

I still say the vents could be painted… It may not look all that perfect, but still. It could happen….

The white should pop against the blue seats when you’re cruising down I-70. Let’s not let low angles against an overcast backdrop…wait, I think my comment should be: Why is the internet only used to complain about everything on planet earth? The back of a scoreboard!? It’s the BACK of a SCOREBOARD. Come on.

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