Photos: 'KC' logo going up on back of CrownVision

Fans driving on I-70 past Kauffman Stadium will see crews doing work on the back of the CrownVision board.  The ‘KC’ logo is going up this week!  Here are a few pictures from this morning and a rendering of what the final logo will look like.  The project will take about a week.  Check the blog as we post more pictures!






WOW. I cannot stress how much I DISLIKE this design for the back of CrownVision!! It looks cheap, tacky, and out-of-place. I don’t understand why it was done this way… They have had the entire offseason to put something together, and this is the best they could come up with? I am completely disappointed….

Am I over-reacting to this? Probably. I just value tradition, and as long as the product on the field is sub-par, I am going to be very picky about my Royals when it comes to the organization being very NON-traditional.

I thought the plan was for the back to be blue, with a white “KC” Logo? just look at the 3D model of the “New K”… the back is BLUE with the WHITE “KC” Logo there, too! I mean, the “KC” in the rendering looks great, but it’s on that silver metal background, and that’s nothing like the old one looked like… I thought’s what ya’ll were going for…? A little bit of tradition, with a modern twist. This design is anything but that.

Going to echo what everyone else is saying. The KC looks too small, should be white on blue, not blue on white.:\

What a ghastly design. The Royals never fail to satisfy my masochistic yearnings.

I agree with soulwinner . . . this design definitely doesn’t do the crown justice. The back needs to be blue with the white lettering (like the old back of the crown). I’m all for updating and progress, but there are some things that should stay traditional and the back of the crown is one of those things.

On another note: another tradition should always be the name of the stadium. Honoring Mr. K is the best thing the organization has done (since winning the World Series).

Hopefully, someone that gives a rip with the Royals will read this and the message board to get feedback. It’s bad enough the product on the field gets RAMMED down our throats year after year. Now we have to put up with a Frankenstein ballpark that more and more people are shaking their heads at….. tisk tisk.

They need to do something on the back of the base of the crown. They need the smaller crown balls like on the old scoreboard. It looks bad that you can see the supports for the front of the crown.

And the background needs to be blue. That was what the design was on the 3d model and the sketches.

Click on the last photo showing the KC. The photo is bent. Do you mean to tell me they printed the photo and scanned it to put on the webpage. Couldn’t they just upload the photo from the camera media.

I take it back about the back of the crown. Looks like they put something across the back to hide the supports.

I was told that the back of the Crown would be a little more “complete” this year versus last year. I don’t know if that just means flat metal panels in gold, or if they will have a few more “Royal Balls” back there. I guess we will see pretty soon, eh?

And yeah… the whole thing is NOT growing on me…..

Don’t like it at all… It will not stand out like the White “KC” on a Royal Blue background from I-70

I commented on this on facebook yesterday, but I decided to go straight to the source. I’m with everybody else on here. I do not like this one bit.

I do like that the back of the crown will be finished and actually have a ring shape like a crown. The supports don’t bother me. What does bother me is the back of the scoreboard. It should be blue. BLUE. Not white. Right now, from the highway, it looks like corrugated aluminum like a ‘tin roof.’ Making it blue would really help that, and putting a big, white, KC on it would make it look right. It would be nice if the flat surface could be extended to make the letters bigger.

Last year when the crown didn’t look right, it was taken down and changed. This needs to be changed as well, even if it isn’t ready for opening day. Getting it right is more important than getting it now; at least that’s what the company line is. That’s why we, the fans, are trying to be patient with the product on the field. Though that patience too wears thin.

When I drove by this morning the KC was barely started. Just had parts of the letter K. So was the picture they posted a mock up of what it is supposed to look like are did they decide to redo it.

Check out the video the KC Star has posted up…

The model of the New K and the design photos had a dark blue background with white kc letters. That looked a lot better than the blue letters on gray background they are putting up.

Please reconsider and put up dark blue panels on the back and sides of the video board or paint over the gray panels and install a white KC logo.

Actually what would be good is to paint how the original back of the old score board was on the back panel of the video board. complete with the lighter colored blue and the KC and big R along with the crown. Basically just paint the original Royals logo on the back of the scoreboard.

And on the side panels put up in large letters from top to bottom spelling out Kauffman Stadium.

Just a thought from a longtime fan.,,

According to the video on the KC Star website none of this was in the original plans and it’s essentially a gift from the Glass family to the KC baseball fans. That’s the biggest PR load of crap I’ve heard in a while. It does seem to be in keeping, however, with the Royals ticket sales mentality – “promotions instead of players”.

Tradition or non, this looks like lame and doesn’t even look appropriate with the style of the new renovations.

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