Royals and Stroud's team up to bring pan-fried chicken to Kauffman Stadium

A Kansas City favorite is coming to The K!  The Royals and Stroud’s Restaurant have entered into a three-year agreement to provide Stroud’s famous pan-fried chicken and other favorites to Royals fans at Kauffman Stadium beginning in 2010. 

The new Stroud’s Kauffman Stadium location will be connected to the Royals Hall of Fame building in left field, tying together two true Kansas City traditions with the Royals Hall of Fame and Stroud’s restaurants. 

“We are extremely excited to bring Stroud’s into the “K” and make their legendary chicken and cinnamon rolls available to our fans,” said Royals Senior VP-Business Operations Kevin Uhlich.  “Our goal throughout the renovation process was to create a fan experience that was unique for Kansas City and make it the best in the Major Leagues.  Stroud’s aligns perfectly with our intentions.”

“Stroud’s has always had a great association with the Kansas City Royals as several players, past and present, visit Stroud’s on a regular basis,” said Stroud’s owner Michael T. Donegan.  “We appreciate the opportunity of serving the Royals and their fans and hope to see everyone at the new K.”

The Stroud’s Kauffman Stadium location will serve their famous two-piece chicken dinner, fried and grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers and their brand-new buffalo wings.  In addition, Stroud’s world-famous cinnamon rolls will be available with the dinners as well as a la carte. 

Stroud’s was established in 1933 at the now-defunct 85th and Troost location and since then, has received many national awards such as the James Beard Award for Excellence and the Zagat Award for Best Restaurant.  Stroud’s has also been featured in National and International publications including Wall Street Journal, Gourmet Magazine, New York Times, People Magazine, Esquire, Bon Appetit and Condé Nast.  Stroud’s currently operates two Kansas City locations at Oak Ridge Manor in Kansas City, Mo., and Stroud’s South in Fairway, Kan.  For more information, please visit the Stroud’s website at



I need to know one thing…will Strouds have their gravy included in the meal? It isnt Strouds without the gravy!

Thank you for your question. Gravy will not be served at the stadium due to the hot summer temperatures at an outside venue. ATH looks forward to walking out to the Royals Hall of Fame for some delicious chicken…and cinnamon rolls!

I was so excited to hear that Stroud’s would be at the K….. Went to a ball game this summer. At the second inning could not wait another minute. Went to Strouds and got the 2 wing dinner ? $9.00 for two scrawny (I mean dried out and tiny drumsticks, and some mediocre potatoes. I was appalled. I notice in typing this that I said wing dinner, my error. I guess the drum sticks were about the size of a part of the wing… It was no where like any Strouds I had been to before. So I would not recommend it. That early in the game it should have not been dried out, If It had been the 7th or 8th inning I might have understood but that early in the game. NO. I will not be eating at Strouds at the Stadium can bet. .

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