Ryan Lefebvre speaks out about depression in The Shame of Me

Shame of Me DJ Final cropped.jpgThose of us in media relations at the Royals see Ryan Lefebvre on a regular basis throughout the baseball season.  He’s in the dugout for Trey Hillman’s media session, in the press club for a pregame meal and we pass by the television booth once in a while.  Ryan is always having a great time and is frequently engaged in a conversation – it could be with the visiting broadcasters or someone that he knows through his father’s baseball career.  The guy seems to have everything:  charisma, intelligence, success.  When you see Ryan at Kauffman Stadium, you would never expect that he had a struggle with Major Depressive Disorder in 2005.  

Ryan first spoke out about his depression in an article for the Kansas City Star at the beginning of the 2006 season.  Now, he has detailed his experiences in The Shame of Me:  One Man’s Journey to Depression and Back, which is co-authored by award-winning sports reporter and columnist Jeffrey Flanagan.

Ryan e-mailed us recently and said that there are many books available on MDD, but most are written by medical, psychological and social professionals.  Few have been written from the actual patient’s point of view.  He believes that his story is for “anyone who might suffer from depression, social anxiety disorder, or just trying to figure out why life doesn’t seem to be working out like he or she had planned.”  The Shame of Me is also a resource for someone who has a loved one dealing with the challenges of depression.

We just started reading The Shame of Me.  Not only are we learning more about Ryan and MDD, we’re finding a new perspective on life.  You can find The Shame of Me at fine bookstores throughout the Kansas City area and online at amazon.com and ascendbooks.com.  Ryan and his wife, Sarah, have decided to donate a majority of their revenue from the book to non-profit organizations. 

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