FanFest photos: Autographs from (A)lberto to (Z)ack

FanFest Day 1 018.jpg
We’re ready for another big day of autographs at FanFest on Saturday.  There will be 15 sessions, featuring everyone from Cy Young winner Zack Greinke to alums such as Frank White.  Make your way out to the Overland Park Convention Center.  Doors open at 9 a.m., with the day finishing at 7 p.m.  Let’s take a look at the autograph sessions from Friday.  (At left – Alberto Callaspo and Billy Butler)


Below left – prospects Clint Robinson and Mike Montgomery.  On the right – ’85 alums Jamie Quirk, Jorge Orta, Hal McRae, Danny Jackson, Charlie LeibrandtFrank White is on the far left but out of view.

FanFest Day 1 012.jpg
FanFest Day 1 025.jpg

George Brett signs along with Steve Farr, Buddy Black, Joe Beckwith, Steve Balboni and Darryl Motley.  On the right – David Lough (George Brett Hitter of the Year) and Salvador Perez (Frank White Defensive Player of the Year.) 

FanFest Day 1 034.jpg
FanFest Day 1 026.jpg

FanFest Day 1 015.jpg

Zack Greinke was one of the most popular autographs.  Here, he signs the Sports Illustrated cover for a young fan.

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