Trey Hillman Media Session: Zack Greinke, John Bale

Nice to meet you Mr. Greinke

The Minnesota Twins, it would seem, have hit the schedule lottery by not facing Royals ace Zack Greinke in 14 games so far this season.  That all comes to an end tomorrow when Greinke will face Francisco Liriano and the Minnesota Twins at 1:10.  Remember the game is not on TV, so you’re only chance to catch it is at Kauffman Stadium on person.  Manager Trey Hillman was asked who has the advantage when a team has not faced a pitcher before, the opposing team or the pitcher in question.  “I think clearly the pitcher has the distinct advantage in this case, you can watch all the video you want on someone and do your homework on them, but it’s not the same as facing them live.  When a pitcher has not been seen by the opposing team, it takes a while for the batters to get their timing down and get comfortable in the box.  It can take some guys an at-bat and others will never figure it out, plus we are talking about Zack, he is not the easiest pitcher to hit against.”

John Bale

Royals pitcher John Bale has been progressing nicely from his sore right hamstring that has kept him out of the line-up for a couple of weeks now.  So much so, that his earlier prognosis of possibly shutting it down for the rest of the season has been upgraded to probable beginning with Tuesday’s game against the New York Yankees.  He will be evaluated this afternoon and if everything goes well, he will be traveling with the team on Sunday night to New York.  “We are going to be very cautious with John, we just hope he doesn’t have to end the season on the DL,” said Hillman.

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