Trey Hillman Media Session: Boston finale, Callaspo

Positive Momentum

“We win tonight we win the series, we split the season with Boston and we hold our heads high.  That is a playoff bound team over there that we have competed hard with for the entire season, and we held our own against them.  Fourth place is much better then fifth place, we are looking for bright spots this late in the season, and they are becoming not too difficult to find.  It is always a plus to play good baseball against teams bound for the playoffs, and more importantly to play good baseball against teams made up of solid baseball players.  This baseball we are playing is a catapult into the off season and the coming 2010 season,” said Manager Trey Hillman.

Coming along Callaspo

Hillman says he is very impressed with his second baseman, Alberto Callaspo’s ability to improve and progress at his position this late in the year.  “The last couple of months he has really come around in the field, he is working extremely hard and it is starting to pay off.  With regards to the double play, he is becoming very efficient at both the front end and back end of the double play.  Alberto is relaxing and becoming more comfortable at second base, giving him the time to make the routine and unconventional plays.  The agility program we have set up for our players is helping out tremendously, and it will continue to improve our player’s abilities leading into the off season and beyond.”

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