Trey Hillman Media Session: Greinke's Cy chances, Wakefield's knuckleball

Cy Young Support

Manager Trey Hillman was asked about his stance on the possibility of his ace (Zack Greinke) receiving the Cy Young award in the American League this season.  “I am a little prejudiced here, but I have not seen anyone this season pitch as well as Zack has.  I by no means have seen every contender for the award pitch this season, but what Zack has done this year is incredible.  Both mentally and physically, I think he has separated himself from every other pitcher in the league.  As every start nears, I look forward to the opportunity he has to garner more acclaim and make more believers out of people.  I hope his lack of run support does not diminish his chances of winning, this is an individual award, and he should not have to suffer because of our lack of run production.”

Knuckleball 101 

So what do you do when Tim Wakefield comes to town to face your team? “It isn’t easy man, when a knuckleball pitcher is on it is extremely difficult to manufacture runs.  You do the best you can, taking an attack approach while simultaneously trying for a middle of the field approach.  It’s tough because there has to be some sort of batting adjustment, meaning you will have to compromise your stance a little.  Most players are unwilling or not comfortable with that so the advantage goes to the pitcher, he already has you off balance.  When the ball is moving all over the place, fluttering, and sinking like a rock, you just hope for the best,” said Hillman.

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I want to do this delicately. What is wrong with Trey Hillman?

This manager saw his team get out to a fairly good stop in April, then the team folded, and all Hillman could do was to remain in a catatonic state.

He sat on the bench with his mustache and refused to put Soria in before the 9th inning, when the Royals were abused by middle and setup relief. It was only after the team went down the tubes that he reversed strategy and had either the wisdom or guts to put Soria in when the game counted. It was like Moses came down from the mountain and said “your best pitcher cannot come in before the 9th inning.”

Then — and the only reason I can imagine is that he would have been fired otherwise — he finally started using Soria in situations that even a Single-A manager would understand.

After another humiliating season, the Royals have suddenly found religion. But Hillman sits there in the same catatonic state, mumbling words, as if it was the computer “Hal” that is explaining himself.

Is the KC news media so intimidated, incompetent or unprepared to hold this organization’s feet to the fire?

Whatever Hillman is — mustache or not — remains an enigma. What is clear is that is has no relevance as a leader — to the players, to the fans, or to the media.

Is there any chance this man (who is likely a good, innocent person) will be allowed to preside over a losing team of his own making? Anyone, anyone in KC media, or KC fans, please shed some light on this — if not for me — at least do so for the organization’s good.

Michael Dillin

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