Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: Brayan and Brian

Brayan Pena

pena HR_2637.jpgRoyals catcher Brayan Pena continues to be a work in progress, but manager Trey Hillman says he sees a lot of upside.  “Offensively I love what I am seeing in Brayan, but there is work to be done behind the plate.  He’s an accurate thrower, he doesn’t fumble the ball, he blocks the ball very well, but we just need to continue to work with him on his release and his timing.  Brayan needs to pop up quicker and get the ball out faster, but other then that, we really couldn’t ask for much more out of him.  We will continue to evaluate Brayan through the rest of the season and see the progress that has been made at that point,” Hillman stated.


Brian Bannister has had many quality starts this season but Hillman wants to see more consistency out of his starting pitcher. “It’s all about location with Brian, as his location goes so too goes his opportunity to record a win.  He does a great job with no one on and two outs, but when people are on base with two outs he seems to struggle.  Also, because of the accumulated innings to this point in the season, he is also having a tougher time throwing his cutter with the effectiveness that is necessary,” Hillman said. 

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