July 2009

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: July 25

The force is with this Luke as well

Royals pitcher Luke Hochevar has not lost since June 18 vs. Arizona, so hopefully we can just expect more of the same tonight against the Rangers.  “He just continues to keep us in ball games, if we can score him some runs, he keeps the ball down, uses his two and four seam fastballs well, and it should be a good outcome.  It just all comes down to him keeping the ball down and locating at a high level,” said manager Trey Hillman.

Meche and Farnsworth

Both Royals pitchers threw quality side sessions yesterday before the game.  Meche seemed to do fine, but it wasn’t as productive as hoped, while Farnsworth had a very good session throwing the ball.  There will be additional throwing sessions in the coming days and there is no timetable set for either’s return.

Players, coaches and staff tour Hall of Fame

Player HOF tour.jpgRoyals players were instructed by Trey Hillman to be at the ballpark and in their batting practice uniforms by 2:30 today for a special event.  The surprise was a tour of the new Royals Hall of Fame, set up by Vice President of Communications and Broadcasting Mike Swanson. 

Player HOF tour 2.jpgPlayers and staff watched the video from the dugout theater that tells the story of baseball in Kansas City and of the Royals.  They then had some time to walk through the exhibit area before having to hustle back to the clubhouse to get ready for batting practice.  The tour received a seal of approval from the players and staff, including catcher Miguel Olivo, who told Swanson that the video gave him goosebumps.

Saturday lineup

Be sure to stop by outside of Gate D (first base side) before the game…Outback Steakhouse is offering samples.  Try some bloomin’ onions!  Here’s your lineup:

(DeJesus – LF)

(Bloomquist – CF)

(Butler – 1B)

(Teahen – 3B)

(Callaspo – 2B)

(Olivo – C)

(Buck – DH)

(Betancourt – SS)

(Freel – RF)

(Hochevar – P)

Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: July 24

Jose on the sidelines

Royals outfielder Jose Guillen has been put on the 15-Day Disabled List with an LCL tear in his right knee.  Apparently, while preparing for his first at-bat of the game Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Guillen felt a pop in his right knee.  According to Manager Trey Hillman, “At the moment, it is 4-6 weeks with the possibility of taking as long as 8-10.  It might need to be surgically repaired, but we are looking into getting a second opinion on the knee and we’ll go from there.” 


Not too much new to report from the Royals dugout today, except that Royals pitchers Gil Meche and Kyle Farnsworth both threw off the mound prior to the game today.  They will be closely monitored, evaluated and a determination will be made on their readiness as well as progress from their prospective injuries.

Friday lineup: Zack to the mound

(DeJesus – LF)

(Bloomquist – CF)

(Butler – 1B)

(Teahen – RF)

(Callaspo – 2B)

(Jacobs – DH)

(Pena – C)

(Gordon – 3B)

(Betancourt – SS)

(Greinke – P)

Trey Hillman Media Session: July 22

In need of some home cooking!

In need of something to give this team a spark, Manager Trey Hillman thinks he might have just the answer in tonight’s starter, Brian Bannister.  “If he can mix in that curveball, get his cutter working and utilize his fastball like we know he can, he’s going to keep this offense loaded with switch hitters off balance.  He needs to get off to a comfortable start and get in a rhythm that will allow him to use all his pitches effectively, and pitch deeper into the ballgame.”

Better then advertised

Hillman said he was not expecting to see the progress in his third basemen Alex Gordon like he has seen since coming back from his hip injury.  “The fluidity I guess is what surprises me the most, the way he moves and his motion is so much further along then I had anticipated.  All I had to go off was videos that were sent to me and hearsay.  The base paths are not nearly as difficult as I thought they would be for him.  He has surprised us all.”

Defensive Reasoning

According to Hillman, he is very pleased with his new shortstops’ (Yuniesky Betancourt) ability to play the position.  “Defensively I think he has done a fine job, he has anxiously overrun a couple of balls, but his lateral movement is solid, he has a very strong arm, and I think he can be a good solid shortstop for us.  He’s searching though at the plate.  We are seeing some different stances in succession while batting.  He needs to stay squared up consistently, drive the ball, and make contact to all fields.”

Wednesday lineup: Banny to the mound

It’s 70’s Retro Night at the stadium.  Take a look in the closet for your best 70’s outfit and arrive early for a pregame party in the Outfield Experience that includes music, 70’s trivia, a disco dance contest and more.

Here’s the lineup:

(DeJesus – LF)

(Bloomquist – CF)

(Butler – DH)

(Teahen – 1B)

(Guillen – RF)

(Callaspo – 2B)

(Gordon – 3B)

(Pena – C)

(Betancourt – SS)

(Bannister – P)


Royals Blood Drive: Splittorff to stop by on Wednesday

Because of today’s doubleheader, John Buck was unable to make an appearance at the 17th Annual Royals Blood Drive.  The club has added an appearance by Royals Hall of Fame pitcher Paul Splittorff on Wednesday.  Here’s the lineup for Wednesday at the 4040 Main location in Kansas City, Mo.

Royals Hall of Famer Jeff Montgomery – 11:00 a.m. to noon

Former Royals pitcher Jaime Bluma – 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Royals Hall of Famer Paul Splittorff – 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Trey Hillman on doubleheaders and giving back to the community

The Twin Bill Challenge

I think everyone can agree that playing two Major League baseball games in one afternoon/evening is probably quite difficult, but for whom. Well, manager Trey Hillman says on behalf of the coaching staff, the roster challenges alone make a doubleheader a very trying and stressful experience.  “You have to execute quality matchups and set-ups, while formulating two hopefully successful lineups, and at the same time making sure everyone gets to participate in the game.  Adjustments need to be made swiftly from game one to game two, with unexpected situations taking place in the first game that can dictate your coaching style for the second.


Apparently, Royals outfielder Jose Guillen is quite the off-the-field philanthropist, but don’t ask him about it, because he most likely won’t tell you either way.  This according to manager Trey Hillman, “He contributes in a big way in the community, giving away large amounts of envied tickets to the disenfranchised children in the area, he just doesn’t talk about it to people.  Every home game he buys thirty tickets down the first base line (face value, $33 a pop) for children who otherwise would not be experiencing a Royals baseball game.”  He recently made comments about not being worthy of his large contract, it’s nice to know its being spread around the Kansas City area to those in need.

Royals Gameday Magazine: Addicted to Glove

The newest issue of Royals Gameday Magazine is available at Kauffman Stadium merchandise locations.  Here’s a pic of the cover with Willie Bloomquist.  He’s not the only versatile player featured – Chone Figgins, playing tonight for the Angels, is our opponent player.  Also be sure to check out our Road City – Tampa/St. Petersburg…and see what we list as the Top 10 Strange Baseball Injuries…all in this month’s edition!

Issue 4 cover.JPG


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