Trey Hillman Media Session: July 22

In need of some home cooking!

In need of something to give this team a spark, Manager Trey Hillman thinks he might have just the answer in tonight’s starter, Brian Bannister.  “If he can mix in that curveball, get his cutter working and utilize his fastball like we know he can, he’s going to keep this offense loaded with switch hitters off balance.  He needs to get off to a comfortable start and get in a rhythm that will allow him to use all his pitches effectively, and pitch deeper into the ballgame.”

Better then advertised

Hillman said he was not expecting to see the progress in his third basemen Alex Gordon like he has seen since coming back from his hip injury.  “The fluidity I guess is what surprises me the most, the way he moves and his motion is so much further along then I had anticipated.  All I had to go off was videos that were sent to me and hearsay.  The base paths are not nearly as difficult as I thought they would be for him.  He has surprised us all.”

Defensive Reasoning

According to Hillman, he is very pleased with his new shortstops’ (Yuniesky Betancourt) ability to play the position.  “Defensively I think he has done a fine job, he has anxiously overrun a couple of balls, but his lateral movement is solid, he has a very strong arm, and I think he can be a good solid shortstop for us.  He’s searching though at the plate.  We are seeing some different stances in succession while batting.  He needs to stay squared up consistently, drive the ball, and make contact to all fields.”

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