Trey Hillman on doubleheaders and giving back to the community

The Twin Bill Challenge

I think everyone can agree that playing two Major League baseball games in one afternoon/evening is probably quite difficult, but for whom. Well, manager Trey Hillman says on behalf of the coaching staff, the roster challenges alone make a doubleheader a very trying and stressful experience.  “You have to execute quality matchups and set-ups, while formulating two hopefully successful lineups, and at the same time making sure everyone gets to participate in the game.  Adjustments need to be made swiftly from game one to game two, with unexpected situations taking place in the first game that can dictate your coaching style for the second.


Apparently, Royals outfielder Jose Guillen is quite the off-the-field philanthropist, but don’t ask him about it, because he most likely won’t tell you either way.  This according to manager Trey Hillman, “He contributes in a big way in the community, giving away large amounts of envied tickets to the disenfranchised children in the area, he just doesn’t talk about it to people.  Every home game he buys thirty tickets down the first base line (face value, $33 a pop) for children who otherwise would not be experiencing a Royals baseball game.”  He recently made comments about not being worthy of his large contract, it’s nice to know its being spread around the Kansas City area to those in need.

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Difficult for whom, indeed.

I’ll tell you who it’s difficult for, it’s difficult for the fans to sit through and watch an obviously underachieving, undertalented, underwhelming not even AAA ballclub try to pass itself off as a Major League franchise.

I don’t know why I even bother to follow this team anymore, except that somewhere in the deepest, darkest part of my heart I hope that things will get better.

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