Hillman Interview: Zack an All-Star, Buck returns

Leader of the pack

8-27 Greinke.jpgWe all know what A.L. All-Star selection Zack Greinke (congratulations to Zack on the well-deserved honor!) is capable of, and the impact he has on the field, but what does his ability to stay so dominant all season long due to the rest of the pitchers on the team that have struggled to stay consistent?  “It brings out some very healthy competition amongst the boys, they push each other to be the best they can be.  Between them, they all know who is good at what, who can answer a certain question, and whom to ask for help or advice, it’s their own little team and they feed of each other to strive to be as successful as possible,” said manager Trey Hillman.

Buck is back

BuckHR2.26.jpgRoyals catcher John Buck made it back to the greater Kansas City area yesterday after a long drive home from Omaha, where he was rehabbing his injured lower back.  After catching back-to-back nine inning games (which is what was instructed by the Major League club) he was given the green light to come home, do some light working out, and have his back re-evaluated.  If everything goes well this afternoon with his workout and evaluation, most likely John Buck will be given the ok to go on the road trip to Detroit with the team. 

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