Trey Hillman Media Session: June 29


Manager Trey Hillman was asked about Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer possibly being able to hit .400 for the entire season.  “He is an excellent hitter, man, I mean he is really good, but it is doubtful he will able to continue this pace for a full year,” said Hillman.  Trey stated, “There are just too many variables, an amazing amount of good things have to go right for something like that to happen again. The wear and tear of a season, playing enough games, injuries, the weather, staying healthy, all play a serious factor, it’s not just about your hitting ability,” said Hillman. 

Who’s on the mend and who isn’t

Royals outfielder Jose Guillen has been given the day off with a sore left side and his time off could be extended a day or two depending on how he feels tomorrow.  Gil Meche threw in the bullpen and everything should be good for his start on Wednesday.  Alex Gordon has been striking the ball well on his rehab stint in Arizona, the same can not be said for his ability to run and maneuver as of yet.  According to Hillman, he is, as expected, having considerable trouble planting his feet, running, and maneuvering in the field and on the base paths.  “He is having difficulty running, we all knew this was going to be a slow and arduous process, he is doing as well as can be expected, and when he comes back it is still going to take time, and there will be day’s where Alex will need time off,” says Hillman.


Any news on Mike Aviles yet?

Any news on Mike Aviles yet?

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