Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 18

Does anyone actually like this weather?


Could some baseball players possibly like playing in this hot, sticky weather?  According to manager Trey Hillman, he’s got some players on his team that relish playing under these types of conditions.  “You bet man, Jose Guillen and the rest of the Latin players grew up playing in this kind of weather, they can’t wait for it every year,” said Hillman.  “There is a comfort level there for some of the guys, you like what you know, even if it is weather that feels like 120 degrees.” 


Hey, a little something for the effort


Hillman was raving about the new-found power in Jose Guillen’s legs allowing him to seemingly give more of an effort on the basepaths and in the field.  “He just seems to be playing harder, I don’t know what else to say, he looks like he is enjoying what he’s doing out there,” said Hillman.  Again, Trey said there is something to playing in warmer weather for most of the Latin guys.  Whatever the case, the manager is excited about the effort he is seeing from his starting right fielder.   


Coco Crisp


The Royals centerfielder is continuing to work on the lower half of his body, keeping in shape the only part of him that can move without obvious pain.  His upper body with his bum right shoulder is unable to do much of anything, making him incapable of throwing a ball, or swinging a bat.  “Another evaluation will be made in the near future, but at the moment and for the time being, we are shutting him down,” stated Hillman.

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