Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 17

Thanks for the Invite, Joe!


Tampa Bay
Rays manager Joe Maddon selected Royals
manager Trey Hillman to be on his
All-Star coaching staff for the All-Star game commencing in mid July. “It’s a
great honor, I am truly very appreciative to Joe for selecting me to be a part
of such a very special weekend,” Hillman said. 
Trey stated, “You don’t take stuff like this for granted, I am going to
enjoy every minute of this experience, opportunities don’t come around like
this that often.” He admitted he was quite surprised by the selection seeing as
how the two do not have a whole lot of shared experiences together.        


Injury Report


Robinson Tejeda has had no symptoms or irritation
in his rehab stint, and seems to be throwing the ball well without
discomfort.  Mike Aviles is still resting and monitoring his injured elbow and
within the next week there should be more of a consensus on his
availability.  John Buck is on a rigorously monitored throwing program that will
not go beyond light “backyard catch”.  Sidney Ponson pitched 2.0 scoreless innings for Omaha today in a 4-3 win over New Orleans.  Doug Waechter is currently
participating in multiple bullpen sessions down in Arizona. 
Alex Gordon is progressing nicely
with his rehab regimen, becoming more and more capable of being as mobile as he
needs to be.  He is still lacking in
lateral movement and encouraged to not try and do too much with regards to his
mobility.  Light ground ball workouts,
hitting the weight room, and some casual jogging make-up his daily workout

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