Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: June 16

From one side to the other


Gil Meche will be the first to tell you he did not have his legs under him at the beginning of the season.  On numerous occasions it was well documented that Meche’s stamina was becoming an issue and his style of working out was not conducive to his feeling comfortable or productive on the mound.  So now we come to find out that not only was changing his workout routine a contributor to his recent success, but he has also moved from one side of the rubber to the other.  “It is really helping him locate better, but to some degree it is also mental, everyone thinks a little tweak here and there can be monumental at times,” said manager Trey Hillman.  Hillman said Gil’s back feels much better, his stamina is regulated, and he is making some effective minor adjustments with pitching coach Bob McClure.




Hillman was very appreciative toward the fans with their continued support and encouragement through this tough five-week stretch.  “You saw the fan turnout this past weekend, how awesome was that, they continue to believe in us and that makes it that much easier to believe in ourselves,” said Hillman.  He stated, “We have absolutely not lost hope and to be reassured by your community that they have not lost hope in you either is pretty special.”  Sidney Ponson threw two successful bullpen sessions in the past five days and he quite possibly could be ready for a minor league rehab stint in the coming week or two.  

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