Additional Draft Signings

The Royals inked 10 more players from the 2009 First Year Player Draft and also signed a pair of undrafted players…the draft picks who have agreed to join the organization include:

Mathiew White (#6 pick, righthanded pitcher, University of New Mexico);

George Baumann (#7, lefthanded pitcher, Missouri State University);

Benjamin Theriot (#9, catcher, Texas State University);

Brendan Lafferty (#18, lefthanded pitcher, UCLA);

Ryan Stovall (#19, third baseman, Thomas University, GA);

Marvin Cooper (#21, centerfielder, Belhaven College, MS);

Ryan Dennick (#22, lefthanded pitcher, Tennessee Tech University);

Scott Kelley (#23, righthanded pitcher, Penn State University);

Gabriel MacDougall (#27, left fielder, Lynn University, FL) and

Claudio Bavera (#33, Cochise College, AZ)

The Royals also signed undrafted players Jack Adams (righthanded pitcher, San Jose State University, CA) and Bryan Roberts (righthanded pitcher, Loyola Marymount University, CA)

To date, the Royals have signed 17 selections from the draft and inked 4 more undrafted players.  For the full list of draft selections and signings, follow  this link:

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