Wednesday lineup: Royals at Rays

Maier – CF
Callaspo – 2B
Butler – 1B
Jacobs – DH
Guillen – RF
Teahen – 3B
DeJesus – LF
Olivo – C
Pena – SS

Bannister – P

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Losing is a disease…as contagious as polio. The Royal Knights have lost six in a row and in mighty fine fashion. Let us review: Defense–missing cut off throws, most of the pitchers only have a vague notion of where first base is located, turning double plays is hit or miss, and center field is where our catchers think second base should be. Offense–had trouble hitting sinker ball pitchers, then flame throwers, then guys who throw 85 mph fastballs–even if they come in with a 7+ ERA. They made Sonnanstine look like The Ryan Express. Other teams were hitting .340!! Our starting pitching is not that bad, but our pen is turning out to be what everyone thought–our weak point, but now when the wheels are coming off everything else, well, it is debatable. Please do one thing fundamentally for a week! Every play, every at bat.

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