Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session: May 26

Bring on the runs


A sizeable portion of the questions aimed at manager Trey Hillman this afternoon were all about the lack of run production in the line-up.  Hillman responded with a common response directed towards this issue, “It’s all about confidence with these gentlemen.”

He also made it abundantly clear that the teams hitting or lack there of is in no way a reflection of the job that hitting coach Kevin Seitzer is doing.  “He never panics, he is an impressive hitting coach, and an even more impressive person to be around in the locker room and on the bench,” Hillman stated. 


Luck of the Royals?


“I am not afraid to say it, we could use some luck around here, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to see some balls drop in our favor,” says Hillman.  More importantly he referred to the team needing to get going with regards to their line-up, and that some good situational baseball is needed with this team, “It is just very difficult to execute with two out and a man on first all the time,” said Hillman.  He stated he would like to hit-and-run more and be more aggressive on the bases, “It just hasn’t been in the cards lately.”




Infielder Luis Hernandez is penciled in to start tonight against the Detroit Tigers. Hillman said, “We need to see more than 200 at-bats (thus far in his Major League career) from this kid, he deserves to get in there and prove his worth.” Trey said he just wants to see a little bit more of him but that he loves his hands in the field, he manipulates the ball very well with his bat, and he is a good solid baseball player.  Joakim Soria is scheduled to throw 15 pitches in Arizona on Thursday, and 15-25 on Saturday.  The reasoning for send him to Arizona is “It is a great place to reduce stress, relax, and the weather is more conducive and reliable to rehab in.”

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