Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session

Leading off


David DeJesus is leading off today, and Hillman said that it was an easy decision to make.  DeJesus had been in a slump, but he is showing signs of late.  Hillman said that the confidence is back in David’s approach.


It’s a marathon, not a sprint


The Royals are at the quarter turn of the season, and Trey Hillman assessed his club’s performance as “average” thus far.  He stressed that they must continue to get better, but is pleased with their willingness to learn.  Trey said that they need more sense of urgency.  He likes their focus, other than the six-game losing streak.


Blue in St. Lou


The I-70 series resumes this weekend in St. Louis.  Trey talked about how the series energizes both fan bases and how he hopes to see more blue in the stands in his second trip to Busch Stadium. 


Trey and his staff have been making preparations for Interleague play.  He and bench coach John Gibbons have studied possible double switches.  They are emphasizing that the extra players need to be ready to go in at any moment.  Kansas City pitchers have been working in the batting cages.  Hillman has been pleased with their athleticism.

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