Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session

Staying loose

“It’s not that we’re not hitting the ball hard, we’re just not hitting the ball hard in the spots where it needs to go,” said manager Trey Hillman.  He was asked about his team’s approach to hitting as of late and what kind of tempo is being felt in the clubhouse.  “I’ll be honest, we are playing tentative baseball, we need to get back to the aggressive stance we take towards hitting the ball,” Hillman stated.  He went on to say that absolutely no one in the clubhouse is down about the current losing streak, if anything it makes us hungrier. They are all very loose and calm about our situation here.

Resting Mike

Royals’ shortstop Mike Aviles is day-to-day with a sore forearm.  He could be sidelined for as short as one day, but it’s being watched and it will be determined on a day-to-day basis when he will be available.  Needless to say he is out of the lineup tonight against the Baltimore Orioles and is replaced by Willie Bloomquist.

Compare and Contrast

Trey was asked to compare last year and this year with regards to handling losing streaks and how the team’s approaches are different or similar.  “There isn’t the same heaviness in the air with the guys, it’s just different, confidence in ourselves maybe,” Hillman says.  He said we are not in dire straits here.  Trey said we will pull out of this sooner then later, he can promise you that.


Gil Meche has been struggling of late with fatigue issues.  His conditioning patterns have taken their toll, not allowing him to be strong and rested in later innings, but leaving him feeling tired and worn out.  His workout habits and schedule will be tweaked to combat this problem, immediately.

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