Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session

Trey Autographs.jpgOn last night’s starter Gil Meche:

Hillman said Meche is okay but stiff in his right lower back.  Tests were done and hopefully Meche is on for his next start.

Trey noted that “Gil is the kind of guy who doesn’t want to give up the ball, he wants to pitch.”


On Pitching:

Hillman is encouraged about the pitching, and he notes that it takes good starting pitching to win.


On Zack Greinke:

A reporter asked if Hillman was worried with all the eyes on Zack.

Trey said no, because the way Zack is wired, he will do the best he can. Hillman noted that Zack is black and white in his preparation, and doesn’t care about fluff.  Zack just wants to do his craft and is a student of the game.


Hillman talked about Zack’s great memory with opposing hitters.  Zack once told Trey last year what he did to an opposing hitter while in the minor leagues.


On Bob McClure:

Hillman described his pitching coach as exceptional. McClure can relate to most every pitcher because he has been there.


On Joakim Soria:

Hillman said that Joakim feels pretty good.  He might go out and play catch today, and the Royals hope to have him back in the next couple of days.  Soria is still day to day.

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