Trey Hillman Pregame Media Session

On Jose Guillen, who hit two home runs on Monday

Guillen says his timing is there.  Hillman disagreed with him on his first game back, but believes he has his timing now.  He needs to just swing at good pitches

On Soria and Waechter injury updates

There is no time table on a return for Joakim Soria or Doug Waechter.  Waechter threw a bullpen session today without pain.

On Greinke, the SI cover, and media attention

Hillman noted that Zack is a special pitcher (and admitted that special is an understatement).

Zack does not get caught up in the hype of the SI cover, but Hillman believes it is great for Greinke and for Royals.

Hillman mentioned that Zack has a lot of personal strength and that his teammates and coaches love working with Zack.  He noted that pitching coach Bob McClure and catcher Miguel Olivo have been vital in Zack’s development.

Hillman is hopeful that the national attention of Zack on the Sports Illustrated cover will bring more people out to the game tomorrow night (Wednesday) when Greinke makes the start.  He also mentioned what the attention can do for the team.

“We have the desire…we can be the team we want to be for the Kansas City community and build our fan base outside of the Kansas City area as well.”

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