Uniform Numbers: 55


6-21 Meche.jpgKansas City’s Opening Day starter, Gil Meche, wears number 55. Who else has worn the double nickel? Let’s take a look…

This number wasn’t issued for the first 20 seasons of Royals baseball…in the last 20 seasons, eight KC pitchers have suited up in 55. Kevin Appier was the first to don the number in 1989.  APPIER-KEVIN_04.JPGThe ace right hander kept the number through the 1995 season. Appier switched to 17 for the ’96 season. Bullpen coach Guy Hansen, who signed Appier in 1987, took the number 55 for the 1996 season.

Appier donned 17 until he was traded to Oakland in 1999. He took back number 55 upon rejoining the Royals in 2003. In the interim, Allen McDill, Tim Byrdak, Mac Suzuki, Tony Cogan, and Nate Field wore 55.

After Appier’s second stint in KC, 55 stayed on the shelf until 2006, when righty Joe Nelson claimed the number.

Meche signed with the Royals in December, 2006, and the number has been his ever since.


Who has worn #53 with the KC Royals throughout Royals history? Thank you.

#53 went unused until 1980, when Onix Concepcion had the number. Five players wore 53 from 1991-95 (Jorge Pedre, 1991; Dennis Moeller, 1992; Nelson Santovenia, 1993; Jose DeJesus, 1994; Jim Converse, 1995). Glendon Rusch had the number from 1997 to 1999. Lance Carter wore 53 later in 1999, with Chris George (2001), Miguel Ascencio (2002-03), J.P. Howell (2005), Jose Diaz (2006), Carlos Rosa (2008-09) and Kanekoa Texeira (2010) donning 53 before Melky Cabrera took the field in 2011.

Who has worn #48 in the history of the Kansas City Royals?

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