DRI DUCK Fountain Seats

General admission seating is back! The DRI DUCK Fountain Seats, located in left field, are available only on game days (excluding April 10, 2009) for just $7. The first 100 fans arriving at these seats each game receive a special edition Royals cap made exclusively by DRI DUCK. The featured cap design will change for every homestand. Here’s a look at the DRI DUCK signage being installed at Kauffman Stadium.



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The Dri-Duck seats look great…I hope I get to sit in them at some point this year. I’ve written an e-mail on this website multiple times, but haven’t received any response. With the crown being in the process of going back up, I’m very curious to know what the plans are for the back of the scoreboard (as in, the part that can be seen from I-70). So far, it just has a plain gray backing. The renovation renderings show that it will get a blue backing again with the White KC on it…but what bothers me is that with all of the renovation updates, that is the one thing that has not been discussed at all. It doesn’t bother me if it’s not up by Opening Day (obviously there are more important issues to address), but it would be nice to at least know what the plans are and when they will happen. What kind of surface will be put on it? Will it be lit up? Will it be up this year? Any information on this subject would be fantastic! Thanks again!

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