Carousel Preview


Carousel 1.JPGConstruction on Kauffman Stadium’s Outfield Experience is entering its final stages. Over the winter, we brought you photos of the carousel figures as they were being carved by hand. Now, the carousel is being installed! The frame of the carousel is in place and the figures will be installed soon.



Here’s a sneak peak…our final photo is a batting helmet at the new mini golf course – you can see the carousel frame in the background.

We’ll bring you more photos of the mini golf course in the next few days!

Carousel 2.JPG
Carousel 3.JPG


I noticed today that the Scoreboard looks to have sustained some damage in the lower right hand corner and the crown is being taken back down. I’m assuming there must have been a lightning strike?

I noticed the “damage” on the scoreboard as well. And how odd that they took the crown down. I would love an explanation to both issues. Also will the crown be back up and will the video board be fully fixed without any loss of video/picture by opening day?

When the crown was installed, there were some issues with the way that it was fastened on to the base. Rather than leave it there for 25 years like that, it was decided to take it down, make some adjustments to the fastening, and then put it back up.

As for the video board itself, a few pieces were removed and replaced. It will be ready for the home opener.

Thank you for the update. Glad to see the video board up and running again. Can’t wait to see the crown installation complete…then that scoreboard will be a site to behold, especially the view from right underneath it in center field.

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