Crown Installation

Crown Three Quarters.jpgHigh above Kauffman Stadium, work on the signature crown continues. This morning, about 3/4 of the base was in place. You can see a worker at the left hand side of this photo.





Tour 3 - 11 006.jpg
Fourth Piece.jpgBy late morning, the fourth piece was installed!

Our hard hat tour enabled us to see the progress from several angles, including behind CrownVision, in front of it, and from the rooftop party deck above Rivals in right field. Take a look! We’ll post other new stadium features over the next few days.

Behind CrownVision.jpgCrown Pieces.jpg









Crown Front.jpg
Crown from Pepsi Party Porch.jpg


So awesome! Can’t wait for Opening Day!

Does anyone else think the crown looks horrible? If you zoom in on the webcam, the gold parts look like they have been in a hail storm!

I’m not seeing “hail storm”. Kansas City lacks an artistic, modern feel with our attractions. More and more, I am seeing sights pop up that are interesting and detailed. What I see here with the crown is KC incorporating artistic construction as opposed to erecting some cartoony looking crown. To each thier own…

Is there slight “damage” to the lower right part of the scoreboard as another blogger has stated? Also, the crown has mysteriously disappeared all of the sudden. Any reason why? Will it be put back up by opening day? If there is damage to the scoreboard will it be fixed? Or will we have to watch small chunks of video missing out of our less than two year old video board?

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