A Crowning Moment

The first piece of the new crown atop Kauffman Stadium’s CrownVision (the world’s largest HD videoboard) went into place today. We were there to capture the moment. Take a look:

Crown - First Piece 030.jpg

Crown - First Piece 032.jpg
Crown - First Piece 034.jpg
Crown - First Piece 045.jpg
Crown - First Piece 049.jpg
Crown - First Piece 062.jpg
Crown - First Piece 064.jpg
Crown - First Piece 069.jpg

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It would be great if the webcams currently worked so people could watch the progress as the crown went up.

We want to see it live!! When are the webcams going back on line?


I haven’t been to Kauffman since 2001. (Snagged 19 balls in two games.) Can’t wait to get back there and check out the renovations.

-Zack (aka “The Baseball Collector”)

The new crown looks great!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished work!!!

Looking good! I love the good old-fashioned Royals gold! I’m glad to see the Royals stay true to thier roots. Can’t wait to see the finished product, especially when it’s sunny outside. These pictures are too gray.

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