Renovation Pictures

ATH took a tour of Kauffman Stadium yesterday…here are a few of the many new features since our tour one week ago.

Signs have been placed on several of the retail stores. Here is the new walk-in retail store on View Level and a retail store down the right field line (near section 246 on your new section 246 on your new ballpark seating chart).

 View Level Merchandise Store.jpgConcourse Merchandise Store.jpg








Ribbon Boards.jpgWherever you are in the stadium, you will see scores and information as ribbon boards and scoreboards have been added. The ribbon board has been in place for some time. Yesterday, we saw it in action!

A cool new seating area is the Signature Suite Lounges on the Loge Level. If you’ve got a few people in your group and want a suite experience, but not an entire suite to yourself, this shared lounge is the way to go! Here you see the entrance to the Signature Suite Lounge (below).Signature Suite Lounge.jpg

A new basket fence is being placed near the left field Outfield Box seats. This reminds us of the basket at Chicago’s Wrigley Field…it will be a great place to catch a Royals home run!

Outfield Box Fencing.jpg
Stadium 3.4.09 026.jpgThe Royals Hall of Fame now features a large free-standing sign. A face will be added to this sign, which will light up.



Sluggerrr’s Base Run and Sluggerrr’s Batting Challenge are now identified with large signs.Sluggerrr's Base Run.jpgSluggerrr's Batting Challenge.jpg

Stadium 3.4.09 043.jpgHere’s a look back at home plate from right center field. This is near where four statues will be located (George Brett, Dick Howser, Mr. and Mrs. Kauffman, and Frank White).

You’ve seen a few new features, and we will continue to bring you more over the next 34 days! Have you secured your tickets for 2009? Guarantee your home opener tickets today with a season ticket package of 21 or more games!  And remember, single-game tickets go on sale this Saturday at 9 a.m.!

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