Rohr of the Royals

Kauffman Stadium Offices.jpgToday, Royals associates are making the move back to Kauffman Stadium. It’s an exciting milestone as a new office building adjacent to the stadium replaces work areas that have been in place since the building opened in 1973.

One familiar, friendly face did not make the move – he is settling in to his first week of retirement. Royals associate Dale Rohr has retired from his post as Vice President of Finance and Administration after nearly 35 years with the club. Dale came to the Royals in 1974 as controller and quickly moved up to a Vice President position in 1980. He has witnessed great moments in club history – including division titles, two World Series appearances and a trip to the White House trip after the 1985 championship.


Dale Rohr.jpgRohr worked for only two companies during his entire career, a rare accomplishment in today’s world of ever constant change and movement. Dale will still be involved with the organization – he has accepted a position on the Royals Board of Directors and will serve as a consultant for the Glass family. We know that Dale will stay busy – he and his wife Mary like to travel and the couple is anticipating the birth of their first grandchild this year.

On behalf of all Royals associates, we want to thank Dale for his never-ending devotion to the club and wish him the best in his retirement!

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