Renovation Photos: Food for thought

Pepsi Party Porch - View from center.jpgATH took a detailed tour of Kauffman Stadium today. Tremendous progress has been made since our last tour. For example, we walked on the new pathway that allows you to walk near the right field fountains and in front of CrownVision. It’s an awesome experience – we can only imagine what it will be like when the fountains are on and the crowd is buzzing. Here’s a sneak peek of the walkway. We’ll have more on that tomorrow…for now, we want to talk food! The tour made us very hungry! 

Bob Rice, the Royals Vice President for Ballpark Operations and Development, emphasized that the food experience will be taken to a whole new level in 2009. The new K will have one concession stand point of sale for every 193 fans. The previous ratio was 1 for every 438 fans. The goal is simple – more selections and less time spent in line. That means more hot and fresh food for you and more time you can spend enjoying the game from your seat.

Sluggerrr's Training Table.jpgThe highlight of our food blog post is Sluggerrr’s Training Table. Everything is geared toward the kids – from portions to selection to the height of the counter. It’s sure to be a hit with the kids and it’s located in the Outfield Experience near the new Little K in left field and all of the interactive areas.

Barbeque Smokers.jpgThis concession area, also in the Outfield Experience, will house two giant barbeque smokers. Mmmmmmmm!




We were able to walk along the main concourse today. Some of your food options include:

All Star Barbeque.jpgThe Royals All-Star Barbeque







Thumbnail image for Fry Works.jpg

Fry Works and    






  Wheelhouse Pizza.jpg

 Wheelhouse Pizza. 







Food Window.jpgAnother cool feature is this concession area which allows you to look in and see some of the offerings so you know what you want when you get to the counter – for instance – rotisserrie-style chicken. (We are on the inside looking out toward the concourse.)

Now you’ve seen a few of the many food options at the new K. Check back for more posts on today’s tour!

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