Renovation Photos: The Outfield Experience

Stadium Seats.jpgIn 2009, Kauffman Stadium will feature several new seating areas, including outfield fountain seats. Several thousand stadium seats have been moved or removed during the renovation process. The seats are different sizes, so every seat had to be categorized into large boxes.

Now, many of those seats are finding new locations in the stadium. (Another possible destination is your home. A limited number of stadium seats are available through Royals Charities at


Fountain Seats - LF.jpgHere you see new DRI DUCK Fountain Pavilion seating in left field, which surrounds an outdoor bar that sits atop the base of the old JumboTron. Seats are in place and ready for you on April 10!

View From Left.jpgNext we take a look at home plate from the left field fountain seats.

Little K 2.06.09.jpgThe new Little K is directly behind the left field fountain seats. Workers were finishing Field Turf installation last week.



We move to right field, where work continues in front of the fountains.

Right Field Fountains 2.06.09.jpg
 Finally, we look at right field and Rivals Restaurant. Outfield Box seats will be placed in this area.Right Field 2.06.09.jpg




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When the initial plans were sent out, I do not recall fountains being involved in the left field side, now I see there ARE fountains on both sides. I have season seats in the 102 section, is water going to be an issue in that section? Again, in one of the early plans the only “water” seats that I saw was a SRO section in front of the right field fountains. Are these still in the plans? Thanks in advance.


No new fountains have been added – only seats. The left field fountains were added in 1990 and the right field fountains have been in place since the park opened in 1973.

The renovated stadium will have the standing room only area near the right field fountains, sections 101-103 in front of the left field fountains, and sections 201-203 behind the left field fountains.

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