Renovation Photos: Signs of Spring

ATH took a tour of Kauffman Stadium on Thursday. You can tell that the project is moving along as new signs have been placed around the ballpark.

In left field, a very sharp sign is in place above the Royals Hall of Fame. Also, you can see that seats have been placed behind the visiting bullpen.

Stadium 1.22.09 006.jpg

Thumbnail image for Stadium 2.06.09 001.jpg
 Fans in the Dugout Box sections (sections 116 to 125 on the third base side and sections 130 to 139 on the first base side) will have a new entrance, the Dugout Concourse. This picture is on the first base side. A spiral ramp was located in this area before the renovation. If you have Dugout Box tickets this year, make sure you take this new walkway to your seats!

Thumbnail image for Stadium 1.22.09 014.jpg

Stadium 1.22.09 015.jpg 







If you take the stairs down to the Dugout Concourse, you’ll see that these areas will have premium concession stands (below right).Stadium 2.06.09 032.jpg

The old K had 1 restroom fixture for every 88 fans. Now the ratio is 1 for every 63 fans! The restrooms are clearly marked with large lettering.Stadium 1.22.09 010.jpg

We’ll have another post with outfield seating and the new and improved Little K, so check back!

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We received an e-mail regarding this post and the special Dugout Concourse entrance. While this entrance is exclusive to the fans in the Dugout Box sections, those fans may still enter their seating sections from the main concourse.

We just wanted to point out that this option is available, and it may be a quicker way to your seats on high-traffic days. Also, it would be a courtesy to fans in the Dugout Plaza sections as they would have less traffic in their aisles when they are trying to watch the game.


Will the Royals offer an open house prior to opening day so the fans can come out to the K and take a look at the stadium improvements? I know a few years back there was an open house prior to the season starting. I was there and so were a lot of other people. I think this would be a good idea, and it would offer the opportunity to get a jump start on the excitement surrounding the new Kauffman Stadium.


Royals officials have been looking into whether an open house is possible with the construction process winding down. Workers will likely be putting finishing touches on the stadium and the number one priority is getting the stadium ready for the opener. We’ll keep you updated.



I have heard that there will be another “scoreboard” installed in the outfield wall in right field that will be identical to the one in the left field wall. I have not seen any evidence of this on the new stadium “model” or on the virtual stadium tool on the Royals web site. Are there plans to install another scoreboard in the right field wall to your knowledge?

I just looked at the revovation webcam and saw the right field scoreboard that I just asked about. Guess my question has been answered. Looking forward to opening day!

Let’s see more of what they’re doing to improve the old concessions on what used to be plaza and view levels. Those poor things were the ones that REALLY needed an upgrade!

Thanks for your post…all of the concession stands are either new or heavily renovated. You’ll have a wide array of options throughout the ballpark. Here’s one food-related post that we did…

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