Renovation Photos: The view from left

Our tour yesterday allowed us to see the field from several vantage points in left field. Here’s a glimpse:

Here’s what the field looks like from the old JumboTron platform, which is being transformed into an outdoor bar. Yes, you’re right behind the left field fountains and have an amazing view of the field! Now we turn to your left and take a look at CrownVision from our perch in left center.
Stadium 1.22.09 029.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 030.jpg


Next we look at the field from inside the Royals Hall of Fame. What a view!

Stadium 1.22.09 035.jpg 







Finally, we step out into sections 104, 105, and 106, which are Outfield Box sections located in front of the Hall of Fame building. 

Stadium 1.22.09 042.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 045.jpg


I watched my first major league game at the K. Nice to see the old girl getting some love. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in June during the I-70 series!


Yes it’s looking better w/ every update. Can’t wait to try out the fountain seats. Is the back of the scoreboard going to be painted like before?

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