Renovation Photos: Covering the terrain

Today was a beautiful today in Kansas City — sunny with temps topping 60 degrees. ATH joined Royals staff members on a tour of Kauffman Stadium. The renovations will bring more square footage, and that area has to be covered. We bring you pictures of concrete, the Little K, and the concourse flooring. We are just scratching the surface, so to speak, as we will have more pictures of the renovations tomorrow.

We start our photo tour near the right field gate (now known as Gate E, formerly known as Gate D). The new entryway is being built and fresh concrete was going in today in front of Rivals Sports Bar.

Stadium 1.22.09 001.jpg
Thumbnail image for Stadium 1.22.09 005.jpg









The warm weather allowed for concrete to be poured throughout the Outfield Experience.

Thumbnail image for Stadium 1.22.09 017.jpg
Stadium 1.22.09 027.jpg











These next two pictures are for the kids. Workers have begun the installation of turf at the new and expanded Little K!


Thumbnail image for Little K 3.jpg

Thumbnail image for Little K 2.jpg









We complete our ‘surfaces’ post with a walk to View Level. On the left, you can see the concrete work on the third base side (now Gate B, formerly Gate A). This will be complemented by landscaping and prairie grass. Our final picture shows the new flooring on View Level. This surface will be utilized on concourses throughout Kauffman Stadium.
Stadium 1.22.09 049.jpg
Thumbnail image for New Flooring View Level.jpg


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Can’t wait for opening day! Any clue when the new crown will be up?

We anticipate the installation will begin in late February or early March. ATH will bring you photos at that time.

When do you think that we will be able to see pics of the Exterior of the K? Noticed the web cam has been down for some time now.

Thanks for your post on the exterior webcam. We’re looking into this matter. The exterior camera is mounted on Arrowhead Stadium, which is also undergoing major renovations. We’ll try to take some pictures of the outside of the K in the near future.


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