Buck, Gobble, Peralta under contract for 2009

D2X_7317.jpgLast night, the Royals inked left-hander Jimmy Gobble to a one-year contract, thereby avoiding arbitration. Today, catcher John Buck and right-handed reliever Joel Peralta (at left) reached terms with the club on one-year deals. Four arbitration eligible players remain unsigned: Brian Bannister, Zack Greinke, Mike Jacobs, and Mark Teahen. Teams and players are exchanging salary figures today. Arbitration hearings, if necessary, will start Feb. 1.


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Message to GM Dayton Moore:

Please use your Atlanta Braves’ connections and familiarity with their players’ agents to go after SP Tom Glavine. He may be just the crafty lefty starter to help the younger guys in solidifying the rotation (Much like Charlie Liebrandt did with Gubicza, Jackson and Saberhagen for the KC Royals in the mid-1980s to help win the World Series). The only reason Glavine is still sticking around (and Smoltz with Boston) is to try to get back to the glory of the World Series and put the crowning touch on a HOF career. What better crown than a Royal crown? I=Rod would be the perfect compliment to the battery as well. He provides leadership and strength defensively that we do not have with Buck or Olivo. Buck should be in AAA. Olivo is a good back-up.

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