Up on the Roof

The rooftop of Rivals Sports Bar will be a major attraction in 2009. We snapped a few photos of the renovations from the roof. We start with a view of the batter’s box.

Stadium 1.07.09 066.jpg


One view that will “rival” the view from above Rivals is the view from Kauffman Stadium’s fountain seats, which are taking shape in left and right field. 

LF Fountains.jpg
RF Fountains.jpg








Stadium 1.07.09 067.jpgHall of Fame.jpg



 In left field, work continues on the Royals Hall of Fame building. We leave you with a wide  shot of the outfield from the roof of Rivals.

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Love the renovations generally, but I’ll never understand why the first 7/8 rows of View Box were taken out behind home plate. Those were some of the best seats in the park with some very loyal season ticket holders and I don’t quite understand why you’d decide to remove them. I know — press box, but with all the other luxury boxes being added in the lower and middle decks, it seems like the press box could have been kept where it was and the view box not messed with and those great seats could have been kept where they were. Oh, but boy, there are seats 400 feet from home plate now!!!

Oh well.

Totally agree with you, dedicatedroyal. Those were some excellent seats with a great home plate view. But I guess that’s the price you pay when you choose renovations over a new stadium. I also don’t like the second tier of seats behind home plate in the lower level being removed for those luxury suites that average joes like me will never get to use. It’s all about the money, though. So we average fans will have to settle for less, and fountain seats.

ive just got a couple questions:
are the fountain seats going to be in front of the fountains?
how much are the fountain seats?
when will renevations be completed? im anxious to go see a game at the “updated” stadium

also i dont know if you guys would have anything to do the the omaha royals but i was wondering about their status regarding our new stadium (college world series) or possibly another new stadium in sarpy county nebraska

There will be seats both in front of and behind the fountains in left field. The seats behind the fountains will be $7 if I remember correctly, but they can only be purchased the day of the game.
There will be a “standing room only” section in front of the right field fountains, with no ticket purchase necessary.
Most of the renovations are scheduled to be completed by opening day this year.
If you go to the Royals official website you can view a map of the seats, pricing info, and a cool virtual/3D tool that lets you see the view from any section.

Thanks to everyone for their interest in the fountain seating.

The seats in front of the fountains in left are Outfield Box seats (sections 101, 102, and 103). These seats are $25 for single game ($30 for premium games). Season tickets are available in these sections, with a price of $20 per game for full season tickets.

The area behind the fountains will be known as the DRI Duck Fountain Seats. This general admission area will feature $7 seats, available on the day of game. The first 100 fans to enter this area each game will receive a hat courtesy of DRI Duck, a local outerwear company. WHAT A GREAT DEAL!


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