The Outfield Experience

Today ATH went on a tour of Kauffman Stadium. It was chilly but the conditions were right for a walk through the new outfield experience. After the renovations are complete, fans will be able to get a 360 degree feel for the stadium by visiting this area.

We start our tour on the third base side. You’ve parked your car, and now you’re walking towards our camera on the new concrete path (left). Once inside, you take a few minutes to check out the Royals Hall of Fame (right).

Third Base Walkway.jpg

Hall of Fame 4.jpg

After visiting the Hall of Fame, you take a few minutes to watch batting practice from this angle. Then, you proceed on to the outside bar which sits atop the old JumboTron pad.

View from left center.jpg

Old Jumbotron Platform 1.jpgNext, it’s on to the new Little K, which is much larger than its predecessor. After the kids hit a few home runs, you move on to right center and pause for another look at the field from a view that’s new to you.


View from Right Center.jpg

Your walk takes you to the new restaurant and sports bar in right field. Once inside, you can take a look at the field or watch some of the Royals pregame show on Fox Sports Kansas City, all while dining on great food.

Outside Rivals.jpg
Inside Rivals.jpgThose are just a few of the features of the outfield experience. Our next post will include pictures taken from the rooftop of the right field restaurant — it’s a spectacular view, so check back!

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