Stadium Renovations

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes photos from Kauffman Stadium. These pictures were taken on December 10, so the project has progressed in a week. Be sure to check out the photo galleries, webcams, and renovations news on

Stadium 12.10 032.jpg

We start with a wide shot of the snow-filled field. The batting cage was out, but no one was taking cuts on this cool day.

Stadium 12.10 007.jpg
Stadium 12.10 017.jpgNext, we move inside for a look at the widened concourse on the plaza level (left). Notice that the new concession stands are in place, just a few months after demolition work started in this area. On the right is a concession area on the Loge Level.

Stadium 12.10 044.jpg
Stadium 12.10 020.jpg









On the left, scaffolding is in place as work continues on the new Stadium Club. On the right, steel is in place in the former View Box seats. This area will house the new press box.

Stadium 12.10 025.jpg
Blue Covering 2.jpg









Finally, here’s a look at some of the new additions on the outside of the original stadium. On the left are the new escalators that will service the Loge and View Levels. The glass on the right is on a new office building. This level of the building will house the Royals front office. The ground floor will feature a team store and ticket office, while the roof will be the food court for the View Level. The picture on the right shows the new panels on the outside of the stadium.

Check back for more photos as we count down the days to the April 10 opener!

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i love the new renovations and i voted yes in the year they voted for the renovations because i live in Jackson County!

I like the renovations also. I wasn’t able to vote for them since I don’t live in “Jackson County”. However, I will still buy tickets and drive to/attend as many games as possible because I live in Shawnee County!!!!!!!

I hope that doesn’t make me less of a fan😉

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