Coco Crisp on his new team and his competitive attitude in Monopoly

Coco Crisp is usually awakened around 9 a.m. by his kids at his California home. Today’s wake-up call came a bit earlier, around 7 a.m., when he learned that he had been traded to the Royals. Crisp had an idea that he might be dealt this week and was excited to learn about his move to Kansas City.

Coco described himself as down to earth, competitive, a family man, and a person who tries to stay within his abilities on the baseball field. He wants to win and brings a presence to the park every day. The winning attitude comes from his roots in a competitive family. Every family event from Monopoly to ping-pong was a must-win competition in the Crisp household.

His time in Boston was hampered by nagging injuries, but he described it as a good learning experience. He knows only a few of his new teammates, but he is looking forward to a return to the AL Central, where had success as a member of the Cleveland Indians from 2002 to 2005.

We welcome Coco to the club. It’s likely that he’ll be the first player to patrol centerfield at the “New K”, so make plans today to watch Royals baseball from his perspective in some of our brand new seating areas in 2009.

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I’m definitely going to miss Coco, but I’m happy that he’ll be going to Kansas to get the playing time that he deserves. He’s a great player,a force on the bases, pretty solid defensively, and had that amazing at-bat in game 5 of the ALCS (and ended up batting in the tying run!!!). I think he’ll get better offensively, and he has a great attitude too. I still reminisce about when he attacked James Shields. I’ve heard that Ramon Ramirez is good, I haven’t heard much about him though.
Take good care of Coco, I’ll miss him a lot:)


Thank you for your comment. We’re excited to have Coco…it’s easy to tell that he’s a great guy from the conference call.

Boston fans will love Ramon. He’s all business on the mound and is known for his card tricks and his guitar abilities off of the mound.

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