Sound bites from Joakim and Zack


9-18 Soria.jpgThis afternoon the media had the chance to hear from Joakim Soria, the Bruce Rice Pitcher of the Year, and Zack Greinke, the Joe Burke Special Achievement winner.

Soria hopes that the team can start 2009 with the same level of play that they had in September of 2008. As for topping his own season, he just wants to keep working hard and help the Royals win games.

The All-Star Game was one of his biggest moments, as he felt pressure to help the A.L. continue its All-Star dominance. He says does get a bit of an adrenaline rush when he reaches the mound but he tries not to think too much. Fans of his are amazed he feels pressure.  He always seems like “Captain Cool” to us.

Joakim is resting his arm this offseason, with no plans to play winter ball as in year’s past. He and his wife, Karla, have enjoyed some time in Cancun.

8-27 Greinke.jpgWhen asked about Soria, Zack said that Joakim was by far the team’s most valuable pitcher and that Soria won 6 or 7 extra games for them this season.

Zack was his usual modest self about his performance, saying that he did ‘ok’. Greinke was pleased that he stayed healthy and kept the team in games. He acknowledged some rough patches and feels he can do better in 2009 and beyond.

Greinke returned to the rotation in 2008 after spending most of 2007 in the bullpen. He believes that the opportunity to start and relieve has helped make him a better pitcher as he was able to throw at top velocities as a reliever, building up his arm strength.


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