Renovations: Loge Level

One of the biggest undertakings of 2008-09 offseason is the transformation of Loge Level. In 2009, Kauffman Stadium will feature a new press box, new broadcast booths, and expanded suite options. Let’s take a look.

This picture from section 118 shows the demolition that has been done on the Loge Level from the press box to the Stadium Club.

Press Area.jpgOn the field level. the Diamond Club is being built. The old press box will house new radio and television booths. Sections in the View Level have been removed for the new writing press box.

As we proceed into this area, you can get an idea of the large amount of space that was cleared. The picture below is from the old concourse on Loge Level. This area housed offices and the press dining club. On the right is an up close and personal look at the areas that were removed for the new press box. This is the view that writers, including’s Dick Kaegel, will have in 2009. 

Old Offices.jpg
New Press Box.jpg Our tour concludes in the old Stadium Club area. This area is being transformed into a smaller Stadium Club, along with new Party Suites for 2009.

Party Suites3.jpg

Party Suites Construction.jpg


Thanks for all of the photo updates that you have posted recently! It is really great to see the changes out at the ballpark as they take place. Please keep it up during the rest of the off-season!

Any idea when they will be installing the new crown?

Thanks for reading the blog! Expect to have more renovation photos in the next few weeks.

To answer your question, we are told that the installation of the new crown may begin at some point in January, weather permitting.

When that begins, we will most assuredly bring you updates here on the blog.

I’m familiar with Stadium and Crown Clubs. What’s the Diamond Club?

Thank you for your question. The Diamond Club is a premium seating area directly behind home plate. This club features padded seats, in-seat service, and a climate-controlled lounge. This will be a great vantage point from which to take in a game!

For more information, please visit:

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