Renovations: View Level

Today ATH took a tour of Kauffman Stadium. It was rainy when we arrived but the construction crews were still hard at work (the sun came out just in time). We hope to bring you pictures throughout the offseason.  Today we will start with a tour of some of the new features on View Level.

Stadium 10.17 013.jpgFirst, we want to show you a view from outside of the stadium. You are looking north, with the first base spiral on the right. The new building with the glass will house the ticket office and team store on street level. The next two levels are administrative offices. The roof of the building will have a food court for the View Level (below left).


 Stadium 10.17 042.jpgStadium 10.17 034.jpg

On the right are the new escalators you’ll use to access the View Level and the food court.

Here’s a look toward the stadium. As you can see, this level now features more space for amenities and foot traffic.

Stadium 10.17 046.jpg
Stadium 10.17 062.jpgNow that you’ve seen your first stop, the food court, we want to show you to your seats. We’re installing new steps in the View Level aisles to make your experience more comfortable.





Our final picture is out toward the field. You can see why we call it View Level! Be sure to check back next week as we bring you more pictures of the Kauffman Stadium renovations!

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I agree stadium will be nice but I cannot believe with the product the Royals put on the field in 2008 AGAIN that even with the renovations (which tax payers are helping to pay for) the Royals can justify such a big increase in ticket prices. I am part of a group that has season tickets and I attend 15 games (minimum a year) and our ticket prices are going up 18%. I have to rethink if I am getting my money worth paying the higher prices. I will probably go ahead and stay in the group this year (mostly not to let the others down) but with the economy issues looming in 2009 if the Royals try and have similar increase next year I will give up my tickets and chose to spend my entertainment $s somewhere else. I am sure the Royals will continue to point out they are still a bargain compared to other MLB teams – most of those teams have had something to cheer about at some point in the last 10 years! Takes alot of guts to expect the fans to pay taxes for the renovations AND then increase prices to help offset the $ the Royals are contributing – seems like nice way for the Royals to basically get their fans to pay for all the renovations. Seems to me pro sports team only want corporations to be able to afford to buy season tickets.

Of course, muohio78, everyone has to look at their pocketbook and spend wisely during these trying economic times… but… prices for EVERYTHING is what it is. EVERYONE needs to look at their budget accordingly. Obviously we all would like to see a better product on the field (& I believe Dayton & co. will give us that). But I too am paying my taxes for these renovations and DON’T see the ticket increase out of line.

Go Dayton!
Go Trey!
Go Royals!

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