Walk-off – Saying goodbye to Minny in style

8-10 Pile.JPG

Tony Pena, Jr. is under that pile, being mobbed by his teammates. Pena delivered the Royals’ second walk-off win of the season yesterday and Around the Horn is hear to say, those are just fun. You can’t help but smile watching wins come together like that.

8-10 Pena.JPG Bottom of the 12th, two men on. And
Pena smoked a line drive back up the middle which looked like it might kill Twins’ lefty Craig Breslow. Mark Teahen scores and game over.

What’s more Jose Guillen was intentionally walked to get to Pena. Around the Horn would like to point out yet another example of an IBB coming back to haunt a team. No matter how good setting up the force at second is, a few of us here at Around the Horn remain unconvinced. Sorry for the rant…

Teahen scored fairly easily from second after he doubled earlier in the inning. Teahen drew a throw but it was all over when Pena made contact and the ball shot by Breslow straight up the middle of the field and into center.

Couple fun facts about the walk-off:
Pena is 2-for-2 as a DH in his career.
The walk-off was the ninth game-winning RBI and 13th go-ahead RBI of Pena’s career.
The Royals are 10-5 in powder blue.


8-10 Teahen.JPG

Stay tuned for a sneak peak at the Royals clubhouse later tonight.

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