Off-day: Random Photo Day

Around the Horn snapped this photo last homestand on Frank White powder blue t-shirt night. It was late… very late after the rain delay and these four guys stuck it out. David DeJesus was battling Detroit’s Fernando Rodney and we happened to see these guys from the pressbox down behind homeplate and so we snuck down got this.

You ever notice how 20 = 4 x 5? Around the Horn isn’t sure what that means but we’re pretty sure it can only be good.

Twins in town tomorrow for the last time this summer. Bobbleheads and Sluggerrr T’s Saturday and Sunday. See ya out there.

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I was reading the the story by Mark Dent listed below about KC Royals prospect Kila Ka’aihue:

When I came across a picture associated with the story credited to does not own that picture. I do. I took that picture, and I can prove it. I have not given you my permission to use that picture, so I believe you owe me royalties for using my work.

The uncropped version of that picture can be seen at:

I personally emailed the photo and gave permission to Clark Fosler to use it in his blog, and you will note that he gives me credit for that photo.

Please either remove that photo, or give me the proper credit for taking the picture. Appropriate renumeration will also be expected.

Kent Ogle

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