Salute to the Negro Leagues

We’ll have a special post later today. And given the early start for the Sunday game, we’ll skip around the horn.

However, we did promise pics of the Negro Leagues uniforms. Here’s an idea of what you’ll see on the field this afternoon.

6-22 Monarchs.JPGThe Kansas City Monarchs
The Royals will be wearing Monarchs jerseys. The Monarchs were one of the most storied and successful franchises in the Negro Leagues. The uniform the Royals will be wearing was worn from 1951-52 by the Monarchs.

Kansas City played 37 seasons in the Negro Leagues and was a 1920 charter member. The Monarchs won 10 pennants, with the first coming in 1924 over the Hilldale Giants of Philadelphia. Negro League greats like Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell, Turkey Stearnes, Newt Allen, and of course Buck O’Neil (who also managed the team) all played for the Monarchs.

Some great Major League players also donned Monarchs unis before making it big in the big leagues. Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks and Elston Howard are just a few of the famous names who played ball for awhile in Kansas City. 

6-22 Giants.JPGThe Royal Giants
The Giants, appropriately, will wear Giants uniforms. This version of the Royal Giants was an All-Star team that barnstormed throughout California. There were also Royals Giants teams in Brooklyn and Boston.

The uniform the San Francisco Giants will be wearing is the same one worn by the Royal Giants who toured Japan in 1927 as one of three tours of black players who played in the Land of the Rising Sun. The 1927 tour featured Hall of Famer Biz Mackey and the team went 35-2-1, playing in Hawaii, Korea and Japan. Major League Baseball took a cue from the early tours in Japan and later sent Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig among others.

Today’s lineup

DeJesus LF
Gathright CF
Gordon 3B
Guillen DH
Aviles 2B
Teahen RF
Olivo C
Gload 1B
Pena SS

Davies P
Here’s the Royals Official Game Notes.

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