The Streak has Ended.

56 consecutive games with a hit:
         Joe DiMaggio, N.Y Yankees (May 15 – July 16, 1941)

84 consecutive games reaching base:
         Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox (July 1 – Sept. 27, 1949)

2,632 consecutive games played: 
         Cal Ripken, Jr., Baltimore Orioles (May 30, 1982-Sept. 19, 1998)

748 consecutive Royals home games attended:
Curt Nelson, Kansas City Royals (April 5, 1999-May 14, 2008)

No, you don’t have a Curt Nelson baseball card. He isn’t a baseball player. He doesn’t wear a traditional Royals uniform nor have you ever seen him on the field or perched on the dugout bench during a game.

But, he’s been here…at Kauffman Stadium…for 748 straight games…until today:
May 15, 2008.

Curt, who joined the Royals front office as the Pre-Game Coordinator/Group Sales Assistant and has since moved up the ranks in the Marketing Department, entered the 2008 season (his 10th) as the Director of Marketing. At this year’s home opener, there was not really any indication that Curt’s streak would be coming to an end until Royals Sr. Vice President of Business Operations Kevin Uhlich made the announcement on May 1: “It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Curt Nelson to the new position of Director, Royals Hall of Fame.”

Yup, a new title and position. And, with that, new responsibilities, including a May 15 day-long Royals Hall of Fame meeting at HOK Sport in downtown Kansas City – during a Royals afternoon game at Kauffman StadiumPress Club.jpg.

The streak has ended on May 15, 2008.

So, on Thursday at The K, Curt was not here…

New Control Room.jpg...he wasn’t sitting here…

Old Control Room_use.jpg…not here either…

Press Box.jpg...nope…

Stadium Seats2.jpg…nada…

Stadium Seats1.jpg..and, we didn’t see him here either!

Needless to say…Curt Nelson, you were missed at The K today.

P.S. We just completed the sweep over the Tigers with an 8-4 win…our second sweep of Detroit this season!

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